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We believe God wants you to know that how bad things may look right now means nothing, - it's how good they can be with God's help that counts. (this means so much to me right now - thank You Jesus and Praise Your Holy Name. Amen)

Thank You Lord Jesus for renewing me each day and every time I fall down You pick me up. Thank You for each blessing seen and unseen. Amen Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Sometimes (many times) I just don't know what to do or which way is the road and You always guide me back to where I am suppose to be - in peace. I pray to always listen to Your Words. Amen

God's blessings over all of my family, our friends, our pets, our homes and myself to always keep us safe and free from all accidents and harm, to be free from all illness and disease and I pray that each of us looks to You Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and I pray for our Salvation. Please guide me to the right job that will bring me joy and support all that I need as I hope to hear about a great job today and I pray for the other 2 unspoken prayers that You know are in my heart. Amen
I am always grateful for so many blessings and I know You will be there for me. Amen. I pray for financial healing for me and my family. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen. God's blessings to heal Amy, Eddie, Norma, Tammy, Risa and for Mayra's parents and her daughters and myself and all on this site and their friends and families that need prayers of healing and guidance. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

God's blessings over each child, each animal and each person that is in pain, afraid, homeless, in danger, who are out in the cold, sick, hungry or lonely. I know that the Holy Spirit is with each of them and protecting them from all harm as we cannot see and giving them healing in a way that we cannot understand. Amen. God bless our country and our world and to the kind people and places that give of themselves to help others. God's blessings over our President to protect him and his family and for him to always do what is right from Your Holy guidance and Your will and for those who are doing wrong in our government to be found out and held responsible. We really Need and Want You Dearest Jesus Christ our Savior in our lives, mind, hearts and our souls. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Jesus Christ is Lord our Savior. Amen

God's blessings over all of us that come together in prayer.
Praise You Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen Thank You for always being with me! Amen