Prayer Request

Dear Heavenly Father, first of all I can´t thank you enough for being there through my surgery. I appreciate you letting me feel your presence at the time of need. I find now I am getting attacks from other people around me and for no good reason. My biggest problem is my sister who does not believe in solar. Our government handles your given resources not as a gift but as a way to control us in our governments distorted ways. Done right I believe you provided us with all the natural means to be independent and support ourselves even without fossil fuel. I was always prosolar even as a child I would rather cook over an open fire and have fire and have solar panels to provide us with food and heat. That being said, my sister finds ways of being jealous of the Tesla car and Nissan Leaf we own. We are not extravagant people and I am so grateful to have a husband who feels the same way I do about animals nature and being in a position to live a snowbird life of Florida in the winter and New York State in the summer in which she has put me down for that too. Father I am not in competition with her and want to put love in the place of her jealousy. We don ´t have to see eye to eye all the time but I love doing things with her but I can´t enjoy her if she is putting me down and bringing me to see solar panels on our shopping trip to show me how bad they are for our environment. Father I know this world is broken and no amount of her yelling at me all the time is going to change anything on earth. The only thing her evil anger is succeeding to do is to separate us because she is becoming unbearable to be around because she is always shouting sternly and putting me down for who I am. Even all my children and their spouses say she is short with them. She didn´t invite them to her wedding like I invited hers because others are much more important, she didn´t have the money for them which is a lie and she is so much better than us. Father she through the flowers into my stomach as she was having her pictures taken it even took my breath away. So Father I hand over all the hurt and pain this has caused us and ask you how to handle my situation. I will continue to pray that someday she will be saved. Through Jesus Christ I pray for your will not mine to be done. Amen