Deborah Zuniga
Apr 8, 2017

The day my Father was called home.

On June 19, 1993, Me my sisters, brother, and all our kids were going to spend the day with my Dad, it was Fathers Day and his birthday would be on the 21st . Until we got a call from the Veterans home, saying we should all come now because they did not know how long he was going to live. We were all very shocked because we were unaware that he was that sick. Of course we all dropped everything and went to be by his side. It was a very strange day because there was so much laughter, sadness, and worry all blended together. I prayed so hard for strength to get through this, I didn’t want to fall apart, but I knew it was a very good possibility that I would not be able to handle this. We all slept at the home that night, on the floor in my Dad’s room. On June 20th early in the morning my Dad took his last breath. I remember my brother sitting on the bed next to my Dad holding his hand, my youngest sister Janet standing behind my brother, and my other sisters Geraldine and Linda standing at the foot of his bed. I was standing on the right side of him in the bathroom doorway. At the moment my Dad took his last breath, I saw a bright ball of light shoot up from his body to the ceiling, this bright ball of light then came towards me and went straight through my body, up over my head, then through my sister Janet’s body and up out of the room. When this ball of light went through me I felt my Dad’s soul ~ like a child so happy they are giddy so full of joy they can not contain it, so free with no worries. At that moment I know longer had any doubts or fears, at that moment I was at peace. I remember looking at my Dad’s body laying on the bed and not feeling sad but feeling pure joy that he was now in paradise with our Lord GOD. This may sound strange but the only way I can explain what I was feeling about his body was like a peanut, cracked open, and the peanut taken out. All his body was, was a empty shell, his soul was free, happy and more alive than my Dad had been in years. I had always believed in heaven, life after death, and so on. But until that very moment I did not know the glorious feeling of it. The next day June 21st was my Dad birthday, I did not loose control, I did not feel the pain of him not being here with us. I did however feel gratitude, blessed and fortunate that GOD allowed me to feel and witness such miraculous event. It sounds strange even to my ears but, The day my Dad was called home, I was blessed beyond words, and will forever feel that feeling of pure joy and happiness, that was in his soul.