Mona Kennedy
Feb 2, 2021

Prayer Request

Hello everyone I was just wondering if you could pray for me I’m just in a period in my life of pure confusion in regards to love.. finances and life in general and trying to walk by faith threw this I have two kids and dealing with a man that is a narcissistic verbal physical abusier there’s so many highs and lows with this situation we have one child together but he has embarrassed me countless of times I sound stupid but this man took me in when I had nothing I had a career but I was at my lowest and loved me at least that’s what I thought fast forward it’s like it’s a different man he yells screams etc When I say highs it’s good but the Lowe’s is what sticks with me.. I want better for my kids and myself I’m just.. tired ... God please Help me release anything that’s negative in my life help me better understand the true meaning of your glory love I writing this tonight at 11:24 for prayers to help me spiritually I’ve been broken down to a point my family say they see the difference I’m not close with them but I try to be don’t know if they want to see me fall or genuinely care anymore dear old allow blessings to move threw my life for me and my kids dear god I’m hurting so much dear lord I’m sorry for turning my back on you dear lord I need you so much dear god I’m loosing site dear lord I cry out to you to other beakivers with the faith I have to keep moving to keep pushing for myself and my kids to praise you when I’m weak tho I feel like I’ve been in this pot for a while I will continue to praise your name god I need you dear lord I ask you all to please with the bottom of my heart dear lord your beautiful prayer warriors to pray for me because I can’t congregate like I would like to... thank you all again with love...❤️💫🙏🏽😞