Prayer Request

I need prayer I have a lazy eye and it’s really bad it’s now turning the other way and the exercises my eye doctor told me to do to strengthen my lazy eye are not working and I been praying for a miracle that he just heals it . Pls pray for a miracle I had a lazy eye since eye was born my last surgery on it was 2011 and then said if it doesn’t get better they have to do surgery and they really don’t want to do it. Also I have specs behind my eyes and when I was born I have bleeeding behind the eyes but that’s gone and I just have specs behind the eye they said and that’s always been there but pls pray for healing and that he will bless my lazy eye and make it straight that would be amazing miracle . Pls pls pray for me I’m only 14 😭 and I’m very self conscious about it and also that I can focus my lazy eye again bc it seems like ever since I went to the eye doctor and got eye drops in my eyes I can’t focus my lazy eye anymore pls pray for me pls and I will pray for as much as you guys as I can . Also can you pray for me for good grades in school and that I can get all my work done and that the computer and my phone doesn’t put more of a strain I. My eye and I really want new glasses from a website and just to put the prescription lenses in they want 500$ for it all pls pray that I can get new glasses and we can afford and also for me to go to a church camp this summer it’s a five day trip and we stay in a hotel and Then we have this huge meeting thing with all these speakers and stuff it this huge thing we’re high school students from all over country go and pray that I can afford it it cost 450$ pls pray