Thank you so very much for your prayers and kindness.

Mum did pass after only 4 days in hospital.
She wasn’t in any pain, it was quick and peaceful, plus I was there with her when she set off on her journey to be with God and her loved ones whom set off before her.

I’m at peace knowing where she is, and I also know that she and the big fella himself are watching over me.

I’ve only just returned home after spending 4 months away looking after her and then going through mum’s Retirement Cottage sorting everything.

I have a sister who’s not coping very well. We’ve unfortunately never had a close relationship, it’s by no means from me not trying. Even at the wake I pleaded with β€œRuth” to allow us to start anew, wipe the slate clean and begged if we could start a new happy fresh chapter as sister and brother.

I thought I’d finally gotten through to her with Ruth nodding her head in agreement. Although she was extremely inebriated at the time. She caused such a commotion and unfortunately made the wake all about her. This was Monday 13th March.

On Easter Sunday she, along with her three adult children barged into mum’s cottage destroying mums lounge and sofa bed, screaming at a friend of mine who was staying with me to make sure I was ok to F off. Then they threatened to come back with a chainsaw to get the sofa bed out the front door.

It’s been nothing but a nightmare since mum passed. My sister hijacked the funeral. I was lucky to put pieces of the puzzle together to work out who the minister was going to be. I’m so blessed I got to talk with him before the service and he allowed me to recite a beautiful poem on the day. Otherwise I would’ve been totally left in the dark.

My sister is out of control at the moment. I truly pray and hope that she’ll stop with these actions of aggression towards me and get back to her faith.

She won’t tell me the name of the solicitor or give me a copy of the Will. I’ve had to organise a time with lawyers to try and find out these details.
Unfortunately, she is executor of the Will. Before mum passed, she asked both my sister and myself if we could please put my name on the papers. My sister refused and mum passed only days later.

It’s an absolute nightmare, it’s so hard being left in the dark when my sister is out of control and has all the power of being the executor of the Will.

Please pray that the good Lord will help my sister realise her mistakes and come back to him.

Thank you so very much for your beautiful prayers and kindness.

God bless, David πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š