Prayer Request

Lord please hear my prayer. My sister has been a solo mother to 2 kids for a year now, separated from her kids father. They use to live in Australia but after the kids father cheated on my sister so many times my sister gave up and wanted to come back to New Zealand to her family her Parents, her siblings including me and also nieces and nephews stay here in New Zealand. Her kids after agreed and flew them back here to New Zealand now that its been a year. He decided to pay for their flights to go over to Australia for a holiday to spend time with the kids because its been a year since they haven't seen each other in person because of the whole Covid-19 Pandemic and boarders were closed so my sister felt sorry and said yes, keep in mind they have communicated sooo well and great for this whole year they've stayed here in New Zealand, i thought maybe they did needed to separate in order to gave a good relationship for the kids and because my sister thought maybe he wanted to give it another try and work on their relationship and be back together for the kids. Turns out it was wrong 😔 My sister and the kids have been in Australia for 3weeks now and lastnight went and cheated on my sister again, Now my sister wants to come back home to New Zealand with the kids asap but its so hard because they have to pay for flights and pay to quarantine for 14days before the boarders can allow them to come home and flights and quarantine will cost almost $8000.00-$9000.00 for her and the 2 kids. I pray dear lord that you can please watch over my sister and her 2 kids until we can figure something out for them to return home ASAP. My mother is here crying sick about my sister and kids hoping they will be ok. I pray dear lord that some good news come so we help my sister and kids come back home safely and quickly. Amen 🙏🏼❤️